What Did Yahshua Say?


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Yahweh: a.k.a.- God, Jehovah, Father              Yahshua: a.k.a.- Lord; Jesus; Son
Yahshua lived the ways of His God and Father Yahweh;
let's follow His example together!

God's name was given by the Spirit's inspiration almost 7000 times in scripture. The prophets were led to speak and write His name- Yahweh, and Psalmists used its contracted form- Yah. In fact, Hallelujah actually means "Praise Yah!"

As time passed religious leaders decided to ban the speaking of His name and to replace it with LORD, or God, or some other title in our Bible translations. But His true name is in the original Hebrew scriptures, and in some honest modern translations of the Bible as well.  YHWH is the Hebrew spelling with vowel-consonants (as the letter "Y" in English), so it is complete and pronounceable. This is important because Yahshua (Jesus) promised that not one Hebrew "jot or tittle" in the Law (Old Testament scriptures) will in any way pass away until all is fulfilled. That would include His Father's spelled-out name! We have His word on it. He is the Word.

So let's strive to grow a relationship with our Creator by respecting His obvious desire for us to address Him and to refer to Him by His revealed name. And let's remember the name of His Son too ...

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